Endangered Species Day FAQs

Your Support Is Building a Better World


What is Endangered Species Day?

Whether it’s one day to raise awareness or one donation, one action can help make a big difference for Endangered Species around the globe. The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is taking action on May 20 to save endangered species. On this day of giving, we’re calling on our friends and allies to help us create a world where all wildlife thrives. All donations to the SDZWA between April 8 and May 20 count toward our campaign total as we seek to fund critical efforts that protect and save endangered animals.

Why should I give to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance?

Whether it’s combating the silent extinction of giraffes in Western Kenya or protecting gorillas in the Ebo forest, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance provides support to our partner organizations to ensure wildlife thrives. Your charitable donation to our organization helps ensure that we can protect wildlife here in San Diego and around the globe.

How do I share news about Endangered Species Day?

Let your friends know you’ve donated in honor of Endangered Species Day by sharing on social media. Click one of the icons located at the bottom of the page to share how San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is taking action to save endangered animals.


What are some of the initiatives that my donation goes toward?

Click on the Impact tab above to learn about some of the work San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is doing to save endangered animals.

When can I give my gift?

All donations made between April 8 and May 20 will count toward our goal.

How can I make a gift?

You can submit an early gift by clicking on the donate tab at the top of the page. If you’ve received information about our cause via email or mail, each of those documents will provide specific instructions on how to donate as well.

Matching Opportunities

How can I go about providing a matching gift for Endangered Species Day?

Your employer-matched contribution to San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance can make a major positive impact for wildlife, in San Diego and in habitats around the world. Participating employers can provide a matching gift form to complete and mail with your gift to: Zoological Society of San Diego, Development Department, P.O. Box 120551, San Diego, California, 92112-0551.

For more information about matching gifts, please contact donorservices@sdzwa.org.