Giraffes at the Safari Park

Conservation Toolbox

Expanding our conservation reach is an opportunity to show the world what sets us apart from other conservation organizations. What can San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance uniquely bring to conservation?

Over our 105-year history, we have conceptualized, developed and honed a unique set of skills and strengths that have become a significant part of greater conservation efforts globally. Our experience working with wildlife at each stage in life, with intimate access to each plant or animal’s unique biology, gives us an important perspective. We have an army of scientists, vets, EMTs, caregivers, strategists, and more, contributing a host of efforts and initiatives on behalf of wildlife.


Our unique, innovative efforts include:  Capacity Enhancement Population Augmentation Wildlife Health, Nutrition and Care Wildlife Welfare Monitoring Social Science Techniques Reproductive Management Our Wildlife Biodiversity Bank Genetic Rescue Ecological Applications Disease Surveillance Conservation Technologies Community Engagement

The level of depth and breadth of this work is something we strive to communicate to our guests, partners and the public, all in an effort to build trust with our allies in conservation.