Adopt a Jaguar

Your symbolic adoption supports collaborative efforts to save jaguars in Peru. The biggest cats in the Americas, they are known for their excellent swimming and climbing abilities.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance works with local communities through our Amazonia conservation hub to protect these elusive cats, preserve their rainforest homes, and find ways for jaguars and people to peacefully live side by side.

Conservation is at the heart of everything we do. As an ally, you offer hope to wildlife worldwide and we cannot thank you enough. Because when wildlife thrives, all life thrives.

Adoption Packages


$25 Virtual Jaguar Adoption

Share your passion for wildlife with friends and family by sending your loved ones a Virtual Jaguar Adoption. Your gift will be sent through email and will include a Virtual Jaguar Adoption card! This option does not include a mailed adoption package.


$50 Jaguar Adoption

Join the Alliance today, and help save and protect jaguars and other wildlife worldwide. Your $50 Jaguar Adoption package includes a soft, 8" jaguar plush and a 5” x 7” Jaguar Adoption card.


$100 Jaguar Adoption

Your generous gift fuels critical conservation worldwide and offers hope to the world’s most extraordinary wildlife, including jaguars. Your $100 Jaguar Adoption package includes 1 soft, 12" jaguar plush, a 5” x 7” Jaguar Adoption card, and a limited edition San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance pin.


For questions on San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s Adoption Program, please contact us at