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The Zoo: San Diego

Season 2: Watch for New Episodes

Lights, camera, animals! 

The Zoo: San Diego has returned for a second season on Animal Planet, offering an all-access look at the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Airings begin Saturday, August 14. Follow the wildlife care specialists and veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to caring for the birds, mammals, reptiles, and aquatic wildlife that call the Zoo and Safari Park home. Don’t miss an episode! Check your local listings for air times.

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Season Two

Episode 1: Baby Miracles

Featuring: River hippo, koala, elephant, Fiji iguana, Przewalski's horse, and cheetah.

Episode 2: Mabel's Joy

Featuring: Striped hyena, lion, zebra, pygmy hippo, and giraffe.

Episode 3: Cubs Come Home

Featuring: Mountain lion, lappet-faced vulture, white rhino, and Sichuan takin.

Episode 4: Hog Wild

Featuring: Red river hog, gazelle, koala, Amur leopard, and tree kangaroo.

Episode 5: Cheetah on the Run

Featuring: cheetah, platypus, falcon, coati, and bushmaster snake.

Episode 6: Baby Wallaby Debut

Featuring: Wallaby, lesser flamingo, and fishing cat.

Episode 7: Koala Boys

Featuring: Rhino, koala, nyala, and tiger. 

Episode 8: Dining with Meerkats

Featuring: Black rhino, beaded lizard, cock-of-the-rock, and meerkat.

Episode 9: Abigail the Incredible

Featuring: Tufted deer, grizzly bear, koala, and Galápagos tortoise.

Season One

Episode 1: Welcome to Our World

Featuring klipspringers, California condors, gorillas, and Mang Mountain pit vipers.

Episode 2: New Day for an Old Tortoise

Featuring Galápagos tortoises, koalas, giraffe calves, and ostriches.

Episode 3: Yeti and the Cubs

Featuring Hamadryas baboons, cheetah cubs, and burrowing owls.

Episode 4: A Lion's Tale

Featuring a black rhino, lions, a vulture chick, and a cassowary.

Episode 5: Panda-monium

Featuring giant pandas, elephants, butterflies, and Grevy's zebras.

Episode 6: Mek Comes Home

Featuring a Malayan tiger, tree kangaroos, and moving animals to prepare for Children's Zoo construction.

Episode 7: Penguin Chick Swim School

Featuring African penguin chicks, a Baird's tapir, and African elephants.

Episode 8: Mkhaya Discovers Her Trunk

Featuring African elephant calves, Alba the Andean bear, Mandazzi the gorilla, and searching for coastal patch-nosed snakes.

Episode 9: Miracle Calf

Featuring a special rhino calf, Connor the tiger, a visit to shoebills, and polar bears.