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Volunteer with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, and Help Build a World Where All Life Thrives


Recruitment Windows Begin Quarterly

Becoming a volunteer with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance (SDZWA) will give you the opportunity to be a Conservation Ambassador, and help create a wonderful guest experience for visitors to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park! You will have the opportunity to connect with guests from all over the world, and help them become allies for wildlife by sharing the amazing animals and conservation work of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

“I am proud to be a part of such an amazing conservation organization!  As a volunteer I hope I can help people see all the different roles that zoos take to help prevent extinction. The impact we have is not only assisting SDZWA in support of the conservation work they do, but also passing along the spirit of conservation and sharing simple things people can do every single day to help.”San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Volunteer

As a new volunteer, your role will be to connect with guests and help them navigate their visit to the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Information Ambassador stations are located throughout both parks, and offer an opportunity for volunteers to greet guests, help them plan their visit, inspire them to support conservation efforts, and so much more! SDZWA volunteers help create a welcoming environment for visitors from all over the world to make lasting memories and foster a commitment to conservation. As an information ambassador, you will gain knowledge in the conservation field, strengthen your experience with guest service, and contribute to the SDZWA mission of saving species worldwide.

We are seeking individuals who:

  • Are 18 years or older
  • Have a positive attitude and are willing to strictly adhere to our world-class policies, procedures, grooming, and customer service standards
  • Are passionate about conservation and saving species worldwide
  • Are flexible and composed in a fast-paced environment that changes often
  • Can commit to volunteering 60 hours per year, and are reliable and responsible.

NOTE: There is no animal handling or direct animal contact involved with any of our volunteer opportunities. We currently do not have volunteer opportunities for teens under 18 years of age at this time, but those interested may be able to get involved through the Education department's Youth Programs. Also, please note that our volunteer opportunities are primarily long-term. We invest a great deal of resources into our volunteer program and do not offer one-time/short-term community service projects. Thank you!

"Being a volunteer lets you meet guests from all over the country and the world. It is educational and entertaining."—Joyce Pickersgill

Expectations of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s World-class Volunteers

  • Follow uniform guidelines – crisp, professional, and to brand standards
  • Work independently
  • Accept feedback and use it to constantly improve
  • Lead by example and with kindness
  • Read eUpdates, volunteer office boards, and keep up-to-date on pertinent information for each San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance assignment
  • Share only appropriate information from approved San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance resources
  • Maintain positive interactions, both internally and externally
  • Treat all staff, volunteers, and guests in a positive, professional, and respectful manner
  • Be proactive in finding information, speaking with guests, etc.
  • Uphold World-Class Customer Service standards and support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s image
  • Support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s strategic plan by respecting office work space and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance staff’s time
  • Utilize resources first, including technology (iPad, handbook, website, etc.), before seeking additional assistance
  • Retain professional communication (short, effective, no spam, to the point, keep personal opinions to yourself, etc.)
  • Appreciate and respect guests of all ages, skill sets, learning styles, and cultures
  • Utilize technology professionally and for business purposes only (must access online resources on a regular basis).

NOTE: For volunteers needing job coaches, each job coach must successfully complete the entire onboarding process before they can assist (application, interview, scavenger hunts, mentoring, etc.)

Current Active Volunteers: Log in to the Volunteer Information Center here.



Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a San Diego Zoo volunteer on site in San Diego. Recruitment windows begin quarterly. Once you complete the application, you will receive an email with when to expect to hear from us, along with information on how to keep an eye on all of the exciting things happening around the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. Thank you for your passion for conservation!

Apply Online Here for Our Next Recruitment Window - San Diego Zoo



Please complete the application form below if you are interested in becoming a Safari Park volunteer on-site in Escondido. Thank you for supporting a world where all life thrives.

Apply Online Here for Our Next Recruitment Window - San Diego Zoo Safari Park


Team Building: Animal Enrichment Workshop

At the Zoo, enriched experiences enhance the quality of life for the animals in our care. Wildlife care specialists spend many hours developing complex ways to challenge every species, both mentally and physically, in order to elicit species-specific behaviors and elevate meaningful daily activity levels. Our wildlife care specialists request over 25,000 enrichment items each year—and our enrichment volunteer team needs your help! Groups will have the opportunity to create items that may include preparing and working with gourds, reclaimed fire hoses, burlap, hay beds, and other approved materials. This is an opportunity to have fun in a social environment working alongside our wonderful enrichment volunteers, all while learning and giving back to the animal community.

This experience is currently only offered at the San Diego Zoo and must be in combination with a private catered event.

Length of Time: 2 hours

Availability: 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. start time 

Pricing: $39 per person (plus required admission and catering)

Minimum group size required is 30 guests per adventure. Maximum group size 100.

For information, please contact us