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Who Are Ocelots?

Ocelots is a group of members and volunteers who enjoy a special relationship with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Through exclusive events, we offer unique opportunities to learn about the Alliance, make new friends, and have fun—and Ocelots provide remarkable giving opportunities to directly support wildlife care and conservation.


What We Do

As an Ocelot, you will experience an insider's look at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and science-based conservation projects in our community and around the world. You will meet key team members, and have many chances for up-close visits with wildlife through our education programs and special events. You will also receive the Oceletter newsletter.

Each member of Ocelots is invited to a bimonthly educational program. These events feature wildlife experiences, cocktails, great food, and Alliance speakers, who share their unique insights into wildlife care and the ongoing conservation work that you make possible. Our members may also enjoy an annual special event at the San Diego Zoo or the Safari Park.

How Ocelots Support San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Ocelots manage the Ocelots Grants Program. These grants, awarded to individual San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance departments, make it possible to purchase much-needed items for wildlife care and health, maintain our world-famous wildlife parks, and obtain crucial items for laboratory and field conservation work. As an Ocelot, you can choose to fund specific grant requests, directing how your donation is used to support wildlife or conservation programs that have special meaning for you.

Please Come Join Us

To become an Ocelot, you must be at least 21 years of age and be a member or a current volunteer of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

You can become an Ocelots member by applying through the Ocelots Online Application.

Ocelots’ events are typically held in February, April, June, August, October, and December. If you would like to experience an event before applying for membership, you can attend as a guest, at a slightly higher fee. Check out the latest event at Current Ocelot Program.

You can contribute to the Ocelots Grants Program online at One-time Grant Donation.

If you have questions about Ocelots, email us at ocelots@sdzwa.org.