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Wildlife Heroes are the heartbeat of everything we do. Your recurring gift of any amount each month rescues, protects, and saves wildlife in San Diego and around the globe.

Your tax-deductible generosity will fuel critical conservation worldwide, care for countless animals and plants at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, and offer sustainable hope to the world’s most extraordinary wildlife relying on us to thrive—and survive—each and every day.




Saving Wildlife Worldwide

Your ongoing support fuels conservation efforts worldwide, creating a framework critical to wildlife, community-led conservation, and ecosystems around the globe. Each of our eight conservation hubs focuses on sustainable solutions for wildlife in each ecosystem, leveraging your monthly gift and maximizing your impact worldwide.



We're working with our partners to care for endangered and orphaned elephants native to the African savanna, at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya.


We collaborate with Amazonia communities to save local wildlife, including jaguars, giant otters, Andean bears, and more.




Ocean wildlife conservation efforts include studying 3D models of polar bear ice habitats and reintroducing African penguins into their native habitats.


In partner projects in the southwestern US, we're focusing on conserving rare and endangered species like burrowing owls and the desert tortoise.

Pacific Islands/Asian Rainforest

Pacific Islands

Our Hawaii Endangered Bird Conservation Program on the Big Island and Maui is saving precious forest birds like the ʻAlalā.

Asian Rainforest

We are partnering with experts to save Sumatra’s tigers by studying their habitat, community interactions, diet, and more.

African Forest/Australian Forest

African Forest

With our partners, we're focusing on the conservation of gorillas, chimpanzees, and other wildlife in Cameroon’s Ebo Forest.

Australian Forest

We're helping to save koalas by monitoring and studying diverse populations with our partners in New South Wales, Australia.


Wildlife Heroes Change the World.

Your monthly gift fuels critical conservation worldwide, cares for countless animals and plants at the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and offers sustainable hope to the world's most extraordinary wildlife relying on us to survive—and thrive—each and every day.

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