SDZWA Endangered Species Day Giraffe

Your Support Saves Wildlife

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SDZWA Endangered Species Day Gorillas

Saving Wildlife in Ebo Forest

Although gorillas have no natural enemies, human impact continues to pose a grave threat to their survival. Your support fuels work in the forests of Central Africa that protects this critically endangered species.

In Cameroon’s Ebo forest, we collaborate with local communities and partners to promote on-the-ground conservation, prevent illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking, and stop unsustainable logging. Trail cameras also fuel critical conservation plans that help us better save and protect this peaceful species.

SDZWA Endangered Species Day Polar Bear

Protect an Arctic Wonder

As polar bears’ habitats melt away, it’s more important than ever to find ways for local communities and Earth’s largest bear to live side by side. By monitoring polar bears in Canada’s Hudson Bay via DenCams and trackers, we collect vital information that helps protect this vulnerable species and fosters peaceful and sustainable coexistence between bears and people.

SDZWA Endangered Species Day Koalas

You Inspire Hope

When devastating wildfires raced across Australia in 2020, donors to the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance were here to help, taking action to save koalas and other threatened wildlife. After 4,500 people contributed to the cause, we quickly provided support to our partners in Australia, rescuing stranded and injured koalas from bushfires and eventually helping them safely return home.