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Diversity and Inclusion

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance is committed to valuing diversity and practicing inclusion, because our workforce is our greatest asset and our guests are our number one priority!

Vision Statement:

We will be an employer of choice where we celebrate our employees, their diversity, and our exceptional community partnerships. Together we roar with pride!

Mission Statement:

In principle and in practice, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance will commit time and resources to increasing the diversity of our workforce, audience, and vendors. To serve our employee and volunteer population, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance will manage a robust diversity program, celebrate successes in our organization, and continue to strengthen standards that will support and promote diversity and inclusion.

Our Desired Outcomes:

  • Create and sustain an inclusive culture
  • Build a diverse workforce
  • Strengthen supplier relationships through diversity
  • Integrate Diversity & Inclusion into our business
  • Retain and develop top diverse talent
  • Build strong community relationships, and continue to enhance our reputation.

Diversity & Inclusion Definitions:

Diversity: Culturally, we vary in gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, education background, religion, physical/mental ability, military/veteran status, lifestyle, immigrant status, and ease with language. Functionally, we vary in the ways we think, learn, process information, respond to authority, show respect, and reach agreements. Historically, we vary in family makeup, perspective, political outlook, and intergroup relations.

Inclusion: To maximize the potential of our collective diversity, we must create inclusive work environments and employment practices to ensure that San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance employees feel comfortable, confident, and supported at work.

Cultural Competence: We must honor and respect the beliefs, backgrounds, interpersonal styles, attitudes, and behaviors of both guests and employees, in order to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. A culturally competent organization incorporates these values in its policies, administration, and practices (adapted from Roberts et al., 1990).

What Is a Diversity & Inclusion Program?

An effective Diversity & Inclusion program respects differences related to ethnicity, age, culture, gender, personal values and beliefs, physical abilities, religion, and sexual orientation. The program enriches the organization’s collective performance, volunteer opportunities, and guest experiences and provides the best outreach to the communities in which our organization lives and serves. San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance strives to cultivate a diverse culture with our community, visitors, volunteers, employees, and vendors.

We recognize that in order to maximize the potential of our collective diversity, we must also create inclusive work environments and practices to ensure that San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and its employees, volunteers, community, and participants feel supported and listened to, and are able to achieve their highest potential.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: 

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has adopted a Diversity & Inclusion policy and program that will:

  • Reflect the demographic trends and changing communities that our organization serves.
  • Celebrate the unique qualities, perspectives, values, opinions, and experiences of all stakeholders—including, but not limited to, workforce, audience, and partners.
  • Create a dynamic environment that is inclusive of all individuals, enabling every person to reach their full potential.
  • Develop partnerships with diverse audiences in order to identify and meet the needs of all constituents in the community.
  • Reflect the demographic trends and changing communities that our organization serves.
  • Regularly evaluate our Diversity & Inclusion practices.

Together we Roar brings together three unique strategic initiatives: Workforce, Workplace, and Community Partnerships.